Hello and welcome!

This site will be my main hub for all my internet activities, a one stop shop if you will, except I'm not really selling anything. I'm just making silly stuff on the interwebs because that's the life I chose.

It's still rather deserted here since I just learned about this place like, tonight, and I spent like a full hour trying to get that top bar to look nice but hopefully given some time I can eventually unironically have this be my official website lol.

If you're interested about what I'm doing right now, I'm resting after the hour of trying to make the top bar look nice x3c

For now I suppose I could put info about myself here if you're taking a "little peek" at the mastermind behind this mess of a work in progress website. By the way, that reminds me.

Much better.

I'm Desx, as the title of the site states. I'm a 17 y/o YouTuber (4.7k subs), electronic music producer, artist, game dev and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm one to dabble into all sorts of things for fun. I also own an EDM label/community called Neoluminum, so if you're interested you can look it up. This is my very first website project, I've never really commited to a full HTML project so it's a bit daunting and I definitely have a LOT to learn lol. I hope to have this done by my 18th birthday, which is on Nov 23, so I can have my own "Online Blog" start at the second I turn 18.

If you'd like to know more about my endeavors you can follow the links under this to my YouTube to see my projects, if you like EDM albums then my project "Bit Built" may be of interest. If you're somehow enamored by my natural knack to get people hooked with my incredible charisma then you can also join my Discord to talk to me DIRECTLY.

BTW in case you forgot, here's what the default image is:

Links n stuff: